• Wuhan UHV won the bidding of the State Grid Cigezhuang test instrument procurement project

    Recently, Wuhan UHV's Sales Department has won the State Grid Cigezhuang Test Instrument Procurement Project.

    Wuhan UHV was invited to participate in the State Grid Cigezhuang Test Instrument Procurement Project by inviting bids. The four units participating in the bidding were all well-known enterprises in the industry, and the bidding was extremely fierce.



    Subsequently, Wuhan UHV carefully studied the contents of the bidding documents and responded to them one by one, while providing a large number of similar cases of performance and customer feedback, and setting a perfect after-sales service plan for the bidding project. After many rounds of competition, Wuhan EHV successfully won the tender with absolute advantages.



    New year, new starting point. The company will make persistent efforts, adhering to the concept of people-oriented, building a harmonious enterprise, adhering to the purpose of science and technology to develop the enterprise and industry to serve the country, setting up the values of honesty and promise-keeping, high-quality products to establish the world, and developing rapidly towards the construction of a modern international first-class professional electrical testing company.

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