• Brand value, old customers' trust again

    Wuhan UHV has a production and professional services team, over the years, has been committed to providing customers with good products and quality service, but also with many excellent customers to establish friendship and trust.

    In January this year, Shanxi old customer and our company successfully reached a cooperation, once again to buy a set of use of three levels of frequency series resonance UHV-270kVA/270kV. as early as last year, the customer found Geng manager said that need to buy a set of resonance, after a detailed communication by phone, to determine the programme. The customer immediately paid, our company immediately arrange for delivery.



    Customers have repeatedly said that our series resonance is durable and simple to use, many times in the peer to praise our products.



    Our company not only want to solve problems for customers, but also to create value for customers. As of this year, through 8 years of close co-operation, Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. continues to grow and reach new heights. Customers of Wuhan UHV's product quality and service quality is highly recognised, it is because of the weight of trust, found us again.


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