• Dedication and Responsibility! Wuhan UHV Qinghai Project Equipment Successfully Completed Acceptance Inspection

    In early March, the second batch of equipment of Qinghai customer needed commissioning training and acceptance of high-voltage test equipment, Wuhan UHV manager Hu received a call and immediately arranged for the company's technicians to depart from Wuhan, and took the train to Qinghai at 11:00 p.m. that night to go to the customer's unit.




    The next day, Wuhan UHV after-sales personnel followed the staff of Qinghai unit to the site for commissioning. Before the Qinghai project, the customer contacted Manager Hu of Wuhan UHV. This project is a government procurement, the quality control of the products is very strict, before the products are supplied, all the products have to be sent to the provincial measurement unit for measurement.

    On the day of acceptance, three senior experts conducted questions and answers on the performance and parameters of the products. Wuhan UHV technicians gave professional answers to the relevant questions one by one. After the experts' questions, Wuhan UHV technicians also demonstrated the use of the equipment on the spot to ensure that the acceptance was successfully passed.




    Wuhan UHV will continue to work hard, adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centred", provide customers with better technical support and services, and assist customers in establishing a more stable and efficient power system to promote the development of the power industry.

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