• Sign another new order! Wuhan UHV Wins Bid for Congo High Voltage Test Project

    In today's globalization, international cooperation has become the norm. Recently, Wuhan UHV won a bid for a high-voltage test project in Congo. Previously, Wuhan UHV has cooperated with China Railway, China Metallurgy, China Water Resources First Bureau and other state-owned enterprises in the Congo for many times.

    The high-voltage test project involves a series of equipments, including UHV series series series series resonant withstand voltage test equipment, ZGF(S) intelligent DC high-voltage generator,ערכת בודק הגנת ממסר UHV-702 תלת פאזי,UHV-H100P בדיקת התנגדות למגע בודק התנגדות לולאה, UHV-403 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester and a series of other equipments, which have been supplied at present.



    The success of this cooperation is inseparable from the hard work and professional services of Hu, the manager of Wuhan UHV Sichuan area. In this cooperation, Wuhan UHV provided a whole set of high-voltage test equipment for Congo Mining, which are carefully designed and strictly tested, and can work stably under various working environments, providing a strong guarantee for the power system of Congo Mining. Meanwhile, Wuhan UHV's Sichuan regional manager, Mr. Hu, also participated in the whole project, and his professional knowledge and rich experience made an important contribution to the smooth progress of the project.



    Looking into the future, Wuhan UHV has reason to believe that this cooperation will bring more opportunities and challenges. Wuhan UHV will continue to maintain a close cooperative relationship with Congo Mining, and jointly promote the development of power equipment technology to provide better services for power systems around the world. At the same time, Wuhan UHV is looking forward to establishing ties with more international partners to create a brighter future together!

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