• Hand in Hand! Old Customer in Guangzhou and Wuhan UHV Cooperate Again

    Recently, the sales department of Wuhan UHV has sent another good news, Guangzhou Petroleum Company and Wuhan UHV signed a purchase and sales contract, purchasing a batch of Wuhan UHV power equipment. The customer company is an old customer of Wuhan UHV for many years, so the exchange was relatively smooth.


    The list of the purchased equipment is as follows: ZGF series DC high-voltage generator,UHV-410 מנתח מפסק מקור HV מתג הפעלה ספק כוח,UHV-H100A בודק התנגדות לולאת מגע,UHV-1200 בודק ממסר 6 פאזות בדיקת הזרקה משנית,UHV-103 CT PT Analyzer בודק שנאי זרם, and UHV-2571 מד התנגדות אדמה דיגיטלי. The equipment has been shipped to the customer's designated location.  



    The client company is a comprehensive and internationalized petroleum enterprise integrating oil, natural gas, coal bed methane and shale gas project investment, exploration and development, and production and operation. Jiarou oil field is a key project of Belt and Road invested and developed by the client company in Congo (Brazzaville), Africa, which is listed as the first batch of priority projects for Sino-Congolese production capacity cooperation between the Chinese and Congolese governments, and is developing exceptionally fast.




    Wuhan UHV Power Technology Co., Ltd. has always been strict requirements for each of its products, high quality, strong technical strength and first-class service has won the trust and support of one batch of customers after another. Wuhan UHV will also keep the advantage at all times on the way forward to bring better products and services to more customers!

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